Elementor #692



„Tear The Curtains Of Your Own Reality“ – this motto shapes the Cosmic-Beat-Band POLY RADIATION – looking beyond the known and discovering the unknown. The band experiences this on three levels:

The first one is the stage show where it presents music from the sets of ENTER SPACE feat. POLY POLY and the first two movements of the four parts suite „MESSAGE FROM ANOTHER PLANET“. This suite tells the story of a crewed spaceship on its intergalactic exploration mission and the success of finding an alien civilization in the depth of the universe.

On another level POLY RADIATION combines – true to the motto „bring back the big bands“– club sounds of the 21st century with the force of a big band cast – a timeless synthesis. Because of the intense working process of band leader Benedikt Weiss and musical director Roman Fritsch with the DJ and producing duo POLY POLY a whole new sound was born which excites to dance and rocks every club. On top it helps the audience to loosen up and hover through infinite space.

Of course POLY RADIATION is a band but that’s not all. This project is a collective with more than 60 people – from musicians, programers, comic artists, producers, authors, cutter and more. Therefore it is a network of people to create, to innovate and to be creative. This team spirit built the ground for the first 360° comic music video of the „MESSAGE FROM ANOTHER PLANET“ suite. Besides that it gives the opportunity to perform in different sizes. Always flexible for every situation.

Complety dressed in white, this band’s performance visually and sonically is remarkable. Build in a moon shaped half circle around the rhythm section this band takes you off any planet with their combination of club sounds and brass. A high class sound experience you won’t forget.

„Poly Radiation delivers its shows with passion and impact which encourage to hover and dance. The stage becomes the cockpit, the music becomes the rocket fuel and the audience leaves the earth’s gravity behind.“ – Bayerischer Rundfunk

So tear the curtains of your own reality and enter space with POLY RADIATION.